Costa Rica: champion of renewable energies
  • Renewable energy
May, 1 2017

At the end of 2016, Costa Rica's state power company reported that the country managed to supply its electricity demand with 98.12% of renewable sources in 2016. With this result, the country has…

France inaugurated the world's first solar route
  • Solar energy
May, 1 2017

On December 22 last France inaugurated the first solar road in the world in Normandy, in Tourouvre-au-Perche west of Paris. This solar route corresponds to a complete kilometer with 2,800 square…

Green Yellow Colombia won second place in the "Energy Efficiency Award" given by Minminas, UPME, Findeter and Andesco
May, 1 2017

GreenYellow wins the second place in the "Energy Efficiency Award" delivered in April 2016 by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME), Findeter and Andesco.

GreenYellow won the "Low Carbon Award for Committed Eco Companies"
  • Low carbon
May, 1 2017

On November 30 of this year, GreenYellow won the "Low Carbon of Committed Eco-Companies"
This award was officially presented at the Parc des Expositions in Lyon (France) during the…

GreenYellow installed Brazil's largest solar plant in the retail sector
May, 1 2017

More than 1 000 solar panels installed 

In order to produce and use energy in an even more sustainable way, the supermarket chain Assaí, has just inaugurated the largest solar plant in…

GreenYellow's ambitions in solar energy
May, 1 2017

GreenYellow to launch first large solar plant in Madagascar 

GreenYellow is going to build a solar plant in the next ten months to produce 20 MW of  solar energy by  selling them…

Global innovations in solar panels
  • Solar panels
May, 1 2017

Chinese scientists create solar panels that work with rain or fog

"The aim is to increase the conversion efficiency of direct light until there is more, generating enough…

Green Yellow
April, 30 2017

Un proyecto de eficiencia energética inéditoLa empresa DAMAG, especialista en retail en Senegal, eligió a GreenYellow para su primer gran...

GreenYellow implementó la planta solar más grande de Colombia
  • Solar plant
April, 29 2017


A unique solar energy project in Colombia

In 2015, in order to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, Grupo Éxito chose GreenYellow to install its first  solar…

Renewable energies
April, 24 2017

An increase in capacity with an investment level 23% lower than the previous year

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2017 notes that wind, solar, biomass and waste sources,…

  • Energy efficiency
April, 24 2017

An unprecedented energy efficiency project

DAMAG, a Senegal retail specialist, chose GreenYellow for its first major energy efficiency project. The commercial center of the Alamadies in…