• Costa Rica: champion of renewable energies

Costa Rica: champion of renewable energies

At the end of 2016, Costa Rica's state power company reported that the country managed to supply its electricity demand with 98.12% of renewable sources in 2016. With this result, the country has one of the cleanest energy matrixes in the world. 

According to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the Central American country had 252 days of the year with 100% renewable energy, according to data from the National Energy Control Center.

Despite a rainy season that could have affected Costa Rica's energy matrix (which is supported by hydroelectric plants), the country benefited from the entry into operation of the hydroelectric plant this year on the Reventazón River, the largest Of Central America. In addition, the use of other renewable sources, such as geothermal energy from volcanoes, sun, wind and biomass, allowed the country to improve its environmental profile. 

"We expect to have four new wind plants in 2017 and we expect favorable hydrometeorological conditions in the (river) basins that feed our plants," said ICE President Carlos Obregón.

To compensate for its renewable sources, the country has thermal generators driven with fossil fuels. In 2015, generation based on renewable electricity sources reached 98.99%, slightly higher than last year

Costa Rica's electricity matrix for 2016 included water (74.35%), geothermal (12.74%), wind (10.3%), biomass (0.72%), sun (0.01%) and Fossil fuels (1.88%).

Costa Rica seems definitely the example to follow regarding its electrical matrix. Maybe in the coming years Colombia could have a similar success!