• Energy efficiency GreenYellow implemented one of the first energy efficiency projects in Senegal


An unprecedented energy efficiency project

DAMAG, a Senegal retail specialist, chose GreenYellow for its first major energy efficiency project. The commercial center of the Alamadies in Dakar benefited from an unprecedented installation in this country: an energy efficiency program complemented by the installation of a solar plant. For this project, thanks to its innovative economic model, GreenYellow obtained the support of the French Development Agency (AFD) through its SUNREF program, which helps to finance green energy development programs.


More than 40% energy savings

The project developed by GreenYellow optimizes the electrical consumption of the site and, at the same time, gives access to the best technologies in terms of lighting, cold production, air conditioning and solar energy production. The energy costs of the shopping center will be reduced by 40%. These savings are guaranteed by GreenYellow during the energy efficiency program thanks to its "Smart Building Monitoring" (remote energy monitoring with daily monitoring of energy consumption).


The largest rooftop solar plant in Dakar

The energy efficiency contract implemented by GreenYellow includes the installation of a rooftop photovoltaic power plant, which is currently the largest in Dakar. With a power of 122 KWp and 700 square meters of solar panels, the solar plant will cover 15% of the energy required by the mall daily.