• GreenYellow implemented the largest solar plant in Colombia

GreenYellow implementó la planta solar más grande de Colombia


A unique solar energy project in Colombia

In 2015, in order to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, Grupo Éxito chose GreenYellow to install its first  solar plant  to supply part of the energy needs of one of its stores, taking advantage of the sun's energy.

This  solar plant , located on the roof of Success Panorama in Barranquilla, is the first of its kind in the city and with 6,300 m², is the largest and most modern in the country. It was built for self-consumption purposes and currently supplies about 24% of the energy required by the warehouse daily. In total, it allows to obtain an emission reduction of 230 tons of CO2 / year.

GreenYellow and Grupo Éxito: an alliance for energy savings

The initiatives of efficiency and power generation implemented in the Éxito Group are led by GreenYellow, which has already carried out about 900 projects in France, Brazil and Colombia, among others.

In addition to the implementation of the  solar plant , which is part of the electricity generation line through renewable sources, the Company also works on energy efficiency initiatives, basing its operation on three actions implemented in 100 of its stores Éxito and Carulla: control Of lighting to take better advantage of natural light; Automation of the air conditioning, so that it is used only when it is necessary; And installation of doors in freezers to prevent the loss of cold. Thanks to these actions, on average each store stops emitting 130 tons of CO2, saving an annual total of 45 GWh / year, equivalent to the electric power consumption of 22,500 Colombian homes, also for a year.