• GreenYellow's ambitions in solar energy

GreenYellow's ambitions in solar energy

GreenYellow to launch first large solar plant in Madagascar 

GreenYellow is going to build a solar plant in the next ten months to produce 20 MW of  solar energy by  selling them to Jirama, Madagascar's electricity sales company.

The first stone of the photovoltaic center of d'Ambatolampy (southeast of the province of Antananarivo) was raised last month by the president of the Republic of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina in the company of the president of GreenYellow. This plant, which will comprise 74 000 photovoltaic panels spread over 120 thousand square meters, will have a capacity of 20 MW that will be injected into the interconnected cover of the Antsirabe region.

This is GreenYellow's first project in the country and it is a solar photovoltaic farm located 60 kilometers south of the capital between Antananarivo and Antsirabe. The power plant will cover the electricity needs of approximately 50,000 households and responds to the growing demand for energy in the Vakinankaratra region, where the economic and industrial development of the area has increased by 76% in the last two years.

Solar energy: the future of Madagascar

For the Malagasy president, this solar project   is fully inscribed in the strategy of diversifying the country's energy mix. In effect, the objective is to take advantage of the huge hydro and solar resources of the big island while electricity currently has a 70% heat source with a production cost announced at 936 ariary (approximately 850 COP) KWh. In comparison, solar electricity produced by the Ambatolampy plant will be sold to the Jirama (public company) in the vicinity of 375 KWh COP.

GreenYellow has already installed photovoltaic panels on the Jumbo malls in the Indian Ocean, and should do so in Madagascar in 2017. GreenYellow is positioned as a separate market operator specializing in the production of  solar energy  and Energy efficiency by proposing "Smart Energy Solutions" remunerating the savings it makes to its customers through energy efficiency contracts. 

Read the news about the Malagasy  government website: http://www.presidence.gov.mg/la-premiere-grande-centrale-solaire-sera-fonctionnelle-dans-10-mois/